The Store

You are invited to come and visit our beautiful new flagship store on the side of the Buda Castle. You will find formulas inspired by African traditions, tested and proven by science in our first flagship store. Rooted in time-tested traditions from Ghana and informed by the latest findings of science, our committed brand offers you simple, all-natural skin and hair care formulas that restore and enhance your natural beauty.
Ashanti Cosmetics Flagship Store
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Ashanti Beauty Corner

We are here to prove to people that their natural look can be beautiful, even without the usage of harsh, synthetic ingredients, or complex routines. Instead, we use nature and age-old, African wisdom about skincare, and combine them in clean, organic, simple, and effective cosmetician treatments. We want to liberate people from the outside pressure to look artificially perfect.
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Manicures and Pedicures

For those with little time to spare, we have combined Manicure and pedicure to save you some time on your busy days. Our ladies will work on your feet and toes ant the same time. Mani and pedi has never been this quick.
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To book an appointment call, Email, Facebook and Instagram.

+36 20 354 8852

+36 1 618 8397


Attila ùt 29, 1013 Budapest, Hungary.

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