Below are some of the common concerns or questions our customers have, however if you have any other questions that aren't listed please send them to

How long our tans last?

Our products are developed to last up to 5-7 days but you have the power of your tan so you can top up and change your tan as and when you wish.

Do you offer Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. We currently offer Free Standard Delivery on orders over £50, £10 standard shipping 3-5 working days, to UK and Ireland and Europe on all orders. For International Tracked, £15 will be added to your order and please allow 7-10 days for the delivery of your order.  

How to use our Tan?

Exfoliate: using an exfoliating Scrub 24 hours before tanning to remove any dead skin cells for the ultimate flawless finish. Apply to wet skin areas on your body such as hands, feet, knees, ankles and elbows prior to application.

Apply: using a tanning mitt or gloves, or wash off straight away then massage tan in sweeping circular movements from head to toe, leaving hands, elbows and feet until last. Wipe your knuckles, knees, ankles, elbows and sides of feet with a slightly damp cloth. Your tan will develop gradually, and will seep in quickly. Do not shower or bath for a minimum of 4 hours, the ideal development time is 5 hours for the Tan. For the face it is 2 hours if you use the bronzing oil which is also good for keeping away those nasty pimples.

Maintain: treat your tan the way you would a real tan, moisturising it every day with our Bronzed Panther Gradual Butter. Exfoliate after three days for an even fade before reapplying your tan.

Will I go too dark?

Our products have been carefully developed to deliver a natural glow, with an even, flawless finish that work alongside your own skin tone, making you a few shades darker than your natural colouring.

Can I use the creams on my face?

Yes, our creams are safe and kind to use everywhere.

How to avoid further pigmentations on your black spots?

We suggest trying a patch test on skin prior to use. To avoid darkening these areas cover your dark spots in our Warrior queen to create a barrier when applying your tan.

Can I use my Bronzed Panther with the 15 Shades of Pink?

You can use your 15 shades of pink with your bronzed panther as this is a moisturiser and natural based product.

Is Ashanti Cosmetics Vegan and People tested?

Yes, some of our products are 100% vegan and some contains beeswax. No animal testing.Please read the the ingredients. 

Irritated or Broken Skin?

Avoid tanning in that area so as not to further irritate the skin.